Adidas about to quit for Paris, leaving Strasbourg behind?

For more than sixty years, the French Adidas subsidiary has been located in Alsace. However, the German brand confirms that it is thinking about a probable regrouping of its head office in Paris.

Will Adidas abandon Strasbourg and settle in Paris for good? Foto: KennethHan / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0

(Elsa Woeffler) – This decision is likely to hurt the local politicians. Indeed, in a press release published on May 31, 2022, local representatives expressed their questions and their discontent. Thus, the mayor of Strasbourg, Jeanne Barseghian, the president of the Eurometropole Strasbourg, Pia Imbs, Frédéric Bierry, the president of the European Collectivity of Alsace and Jean Rottner, president of the Grand Est Region, have firmly condemned the Adidas decision to leave Strasbourg and they ask that it be reconsidered. “If it is confirmed, it would be totally inexplicable and should be reconsidered,” the press release reads. For the elected officials, the establishment of Adidas in the Alsatian economic landscape for several decades is proof of a certain historical anchorage, but also preserves the jobs linked to the brand.

The German brand has been established in Alsace for about sixty years. Indeed, previously located in Dettwiller in 1959, it has ever since moved to Landersheim and then, to Strasbourg. Obviously, the brand hopes to save money and create synergies by burying its sixty years of presence in the region. A significant number of years on the Alsatian territory that triggers the fear of losing 140 jobs on the brand’s site. “This announcement, if confirmed, is unacceptable and incomprehensible for the elected officials and the employees,” the protagonists insist. They also added that the establishment of part of the French headquarters of Adidas in Strasbourg had been made possible by the action of the four local authorities and the Alsatian organization for economic development Adira.

The brand with the three stripes had been based in the Wacken district of Strasbourg since 2015, and the two years of the pandemic led to a major overhaul of the organization of work and the management of teleworking, according to the group, which had been contacted by the local newspaper DNA. The objective of grouping the two headquarters in Paris would be “to offer better working conditions to the teams and facilitate relations with its partners”. For the 140 employees, the rumor is not new but the echoes are getting stronger and stronger, they now seriously fear for their jobs. A redundancy plan cannot be ruled out, if there is a regrouping to come.

The next few weeks will be long for the 140 employees of the company. Indeed, the management should communicate the decision, if there is a regrouping or not in the upcoming weeks.

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