Conference on the Future of Europe: recommendation 1

The citizens participating in the Conference on the Future of Europe have put forward 325 propositions, but also recommendations on different topics. Focus on some of the recommendations.

The European citizens expect concrete resultats from the Conference on the Future of Europe. Foto: Philippe STIRNWEISS / © European Union 2022 / Source EP

(Elsa Woeffler) – “We recommend the introduction of a minimum wage to ensure a similar quality of life in all Member States. We are aware of the ongoing efforts in the framework of the EU directive COM(2020) 682 to harmonize the way of life. The minimum wage must guarantee a minimum net income to achieve a key objective: all those in need should have a higher income. The minimum wage should take into account different aspects.”

In view of inflation and the various price increases in the world, and particularly in the European Union, the European Citizens’ Panel has therefore recommended that the various European institutions establish a minimum wage. The aim? To be able to guarantee the same quality of life and the same standard of living in the different member countries. However, this innovation of a European minimum wage must take into account the current economic situation of the European Union. Indeed, inflation, although different in each member country, is currently rising, and the purchasing power of Europeans is therefore being strongly affected. Those in need can no longer enjoy a decent standard of living. The European minimum wage should, according to the recommendations of the citizens’ panel, study all economic aspects in order to adapt to the purchasing power of each country.

Currently, European legislation does not provide for a minimum wage. Indeed, member countries are free to apply their own wages, depending on their economic situation, of course. But this minimum wage can vary from 1 to 7, between the country that pays the most and the one that pays the least, according to Eurostat, the European statistical institute. As a result, the situation of some workers can be catastrophic, despite a decent wage, the purchasing power of these poor workers decreases and so do their living standards. Moreover, the issue of the working poor has been of concern to the European Union since 2020, and it is also one of the challenges of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, which ends on June, 30.

Concerning the recommendations of the European citizens’ panel issued during the Conference on the Future of Europe, Brussels has already put in place draft directives. Directives, which provide for rules to improving the situation of these working poor: they provide for increased minimum wages, but will not set a uniform European threshold.

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