Should I stay or should I go? A love letter to the British citizens.

A few days before the “Brexit” referendum, Europe keeps sending love messages to British voters. All of Europe wants Great Britain to remain within the European family.

Dear British friends, put your cross in the right box on June 23rd! Foto: MOTORAL1987 / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0int

(KL) – Dear British friends, on June 23rd, you are to vote on a crucial question – do you want to leave the European Union or do you want to remain? One of your most popular bands, The Clash, once asked the question “Should I stay or should I go?” – all of Europe wants you to stay. While many European politicians draw scenarios for all possible cases, the European citizens don’t even want to think about you leaving.

It’s not so much about all these economical and financial issues, your European friends have a much simpler approach – you are family and we do not want to see a family member leave. Europe without Great Britain? No way – we want our brothers and sisters to stay with us. Of course, we are all fully aware of the lack of efficiency of the European institutions, but let’s work on its improvement as one.

Europe means peace and a shared prosperity – in a globalized world, we need to stick together to face the current and future challenges. Isolationism cannot be the answer in a world which is currently turning upside down, or to put it in French, “L’Union fait la force”.

We cannot envision writing the next chapters of European history without you – we need you to build a brighter European future for the benefit of all and of course, also for you. Together we will be able to transform Europe into a union of values, of solidarity, of prosperity and joy. We want to laugh; love and live with you, share our best experiences and overcome the challenges we currently have to face.

British brothers and sisters – please think of our common future on June 23rd.

We love you and want you to stick with us, for a stronger and more joyful European future. Yes, you can!

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  1. In my opinion, the Great Britain will be in the future associated with EU like Swiss Confederation today, mainly with a strong trade treaty, however without being a member of Schengen area.

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